All That RemainsTo Be Seen (2013)
9 April 2018

All that Remains to be Seen tackles the inescapable human experience of death and bereavement. It is drawn from the tragic loss of a close companion who took her own life in February 2012. The project involves an installation comprising of audio and visual fragments.

Through the symbiosis of these elements the work transcends to become performance. The auditory elements force the viewer to slow down and acknowledge and dissect the visual dynamics of the work. The combination of the sensory components plunges the participant into a complex journey through the fluctuations of memory, presence and loss. The symbolic spaces and entities become lieux de mémoire and are invested with deeply personal meanings.

They are no direct suggestions, thus, the installation is wholly open to the participant’s interpretation. The intentions of the piece are to share a private and respectful story, communicate the expressive sentiment of loss and convey the significance of life and its fragility through the passage of time. This is a personal and private experience. It was not Jamin’s intention to make this personal tragedy public but, eventually, the grief found its way into the work. As a consequence, the work transitioned to become an attempt to communicate and share something that goes beyond a photograph, an experience.